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Over the years we have travelled to some of the most beautiful places and seen so many amazing pieces of furniture it’s been almost impossible to choose what to bring back.  Our furniture sells incredibly well on line and in store and I think people admire the quality and passion of such fabulous craftsmanship.  The skill of the wood carvers is breathtaking.

It is getting increasingly difficult to source from Pakistan and we now only have a few beautiful pieces left.

On our antique items we are unable to guarantee that the wood came from a sustainable source as they are old and have been used over the years.  However, we buy them from reliable sources and where possible know that recently made items made from teak and cordia wood come from a sustainable source.

Some of our furniture items are too large for a coventional courier and will need to be delivered on a pallet , in these cases delivery costs and times will be advised.

Large Wooden Platter

Recycled Teak.

Large Leaf Platter

Mango wood

Large Teak Elephant

Hand carved Solid wood

Old Pakistani Chair

Cordia Wood

Brocade Footstool

Embroidered Silk

Natural Bamboo & Cotton Summer Parasol

Made in Thailand
Sale £107.50 £110.00

Zanskar Kilim Footstool

Made in India